Batabana Hela Mo Prema - Human Sagar Song Lyrics

Songs Credit:

Cast:- Saanu, Ankita, Funny, Lucky, Satrughna, Santanu, Anil
Singer:- Human Sagar
Music Director:-Sushil Dalai
Lyricist:- Mrutyunjaya Mishra

Translated by

Ho... Umm..


To katha mun mani nia sabu Ratiku kahile dina

A katha manili sahaje surya ku kahilu janha


I obey your whole thing, which day by night

When the moon spoke to the sun, that I obey too.


Kemiti manibi ye katha tora [2]

Nahin tora mo pain prema...


How i will believe your point

You don't love me.


Batabana hela mo prema [4]


I lost my love.




Rati mora katijae to sapana bata dei

Mehga hei barasilu mo palaka fanka dei [2]


I am spending the night in the path of your dreams

It rained like change from my eyes street.


Chhatire saita sabu smruti tora [2]

Heba nahin kebebi sunya...


Your memory kept in my heart

It will never end.


Batabana hela mo prema [4]


I lost my love.



Chaluthilu sathe sathe chhai tia mora hei

Tu gala pare pare rahichhi to bata chahin [2]


You were walking with me like my shadow

I am waiting for you since you left me.


Aajibi biswas achi dine tora [2]

Barashiba mo pain prema


I hope,

One day you come to return for my love.

Batabana hela mo prema [4]


I lost my love.

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