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Welcome back to another Odia Shayari page. On this page, you'll get find the most evergreen and new Odia Shayari photos for Shayari wallpaper.

Who else does not like to express love?

In this post, we have brought you some interesting Shayari in Odia. That you can download and express to your love. Just as people cannot live without water and air, love is an important part of our life. True love never dies. But, sometimes it is very important to impress with your love. Friends, it is no longer the past time. Now it is very easy to increase love. Simply download Odia Shayari photos and share them with your partner. That is why we have given some new Odia Shayari Love Shayari for you on this page.

Explained in Odia Language

" Sehi Dinatharu Bhala Mun Paili
Tarali Gala Mo Mana,
Mana Mun Deini Hrudaya Deichhi
Biswas Hin Bagabana. "


" Laguchhi Emiti Ta Bina Banchiba
Nuhein Mo Pain Sambhaba,
Sie Bi Semiti Aau Kahapain
Hryude Kare Anubhab. "


" Jeunthi Biswas O BhalaPaiba Rahithae
Jane Jete Durare Rahile Madhya,
Sabubele Se Pakhe Pakhe Sathire
Thila Bhali Anubhav Hue. "


" Lajabati Mora Lajare Jhaunli
Lajei Chahinla Pare,
Mun Khojuchhi Ethi Nija Abasthiti
Nichhatia Kharabele. "


" Bhasa Badal Tu Bhasi Bhasi Jibi
Mo Priyara Gaon Dei,
Dekhibu Mo Priya Jaithiba Jadi
Biraha Nidare Soi,
Bujheibu Taku Barasha Nuhen A
Bhijeichhi Tara Deha. "


Never Forget:

Respect your life partner is like whatever he has. Respect and support everything from her financial status to her efforts, from her love to her care. Your honesty, loyalty should be in his name. If it falls apart then it will need your support, in such a situation, do not give yourself away with any excuse. There are also many boys and girls who are working day and night to create a future with their love. Your life partner needs your support and appreciation because he is a human being and he also deserves it.

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