Teachers Day Speech Odia | Odia Guru Divas Bhasana

Teacher's day is a holy day. It is called Guru Divas in the Odia language. So today we are sharing Teacher's day speech both of the language English and Odia. If you belong to the state of Odisha, then this post will be very helpful for you.


Teacher's Day Speech in English

Good Morning,
Mr. President, my dear teachers, guest, and the younger and older brothers and sisters present here and my classmates. Today is Holy Teacher's Day. We have assembled here to celebrate teacher's day. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to say something on this great day today.

This tradition of teachers inspires us to worship and honor the teachers. So there is in Bhagwat -

Don't bow to the teachers,
The teachers are the meeting of God.

This is absolutely true: - Guru Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar the symbol of great Gods. He is like God, as Father, the teacher is the salutation and reverence of all. He is the cause, the cause of the catastrophe. The teacher produces the seeds of the great ideal of humanity in the life of the student and makes him an ideal human being. It is only because of the teacher that the character of education is pure. Within it, the manifestation of humanity and idealism is possible.

The teacher illuminates the ignorant metaphor of education and illuminates it with the light of knowledge. Because of the teacher, the disciple becomes a good man in society and occupies a prominent place. Therefore, the importance of the teacher has been available throughout the ages. The more the nation that honors the teacher, the better the nation. If the teacher is satisfied, the disciple is good. Ideal citizens are created in the country. For this purpose, we have been celebrating teacher Day every year. We can also call the land of holy India the land of the teacher. This is because the Vedic Gurukul Ashram of the past is a blazing example of this. At that time, students were staying at the teacher's house to study. At that time, the teacher's honor was very high. The Gurudwara tradition of learning has gradually disappeared. This tradition has been interrupted since British rule. The teacher-disciple relationship has become a business relationship. In India, the teacher community is gradually being discriminated against. The future of the country could be bleak if the honor of the cows is not increased.

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna, the second President of India, was an ideal professor, an ideal teacher. He is described as a professor abroad. He had a profound knowledge of philosophy. He was a peasant idealist. The birthday of that ideal teacher is being celebrated as a teacher's day, September 5 is his birthday. teacher's day has been celebrated since 1911 to commemorate this holy and great day.

teacher's day is a holy day, the importance of teacher's day does not end on that one day. This day warns us to worship the teacher throughout the year. So everyone needs to have respect and esteem for this day. "It simply came to our notice then.

Jai Hind!

Teacher's Day Speech in Odia
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