Odia Nitibani Image Download - JIbara Papa Punya Bani

Jibara Papa Punya Bani
Marana Kale Taha Jani

The sinful words of the living being
Knowing that when he dies

Man has done good deeds, his last life is well spent. And he smiles happily and dies. Otherwise, he will suffer a lot and move on, thinking that life is a burden. Eventually, he dies.


Adharma Bitta Badhe Bahuta
Gala Bele Jae Mula Sahita

The wealth of unrighteousness increases greatly
Goes with the original as you go

One earns money by injustice, that is, by injuring other people And one day, it goes with everything He becomes a beggar on the street.


Hari Mare Rakhe Kie
Hari Rakhe Mare Kie

If God keeps, who can kill?
If God wants to kill, who will keep alive?

If God himself helps, No ordinary human being can harm him.
Who can save if God himself does not help?


Bhai Jebe Raja Hue Bhauni Nuhen Rani
Ati Samayare Dakibe Rajanka Bhauni

When a brother becomes a king, a sister is not a queen
In time, everyone will call the king's sister.

A man should be proud of his brother and friend. But that is not his own achievement. You have to be careful about that.

Jahaku Rakhibe Ananta
Ki Kari Pare Balabanta

No one can harm what God holds.

The one whom God Himself protects cannot do any harm even when Yamraj comes.


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