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We have collected a number of golden Odia Love Shayari Images of 2019 for you. We have worked hard to publish many Shayari on this site because of your request.

As you may have read in the title, we have shared 200+ poetry images. Yes, we already have 200+ love Shayari images in the Odia language. We have categorized all the love Shayari images to download check for you.

Love shayari images in Odia

The heart is ours,
But the vibration belongs to someone else.
The eyes are ours.
But the dream belongs to someone else.
That is why human beings remain incomplete without each other.


In the dream of the night, you are beautiful, you are in the sky.
You will be in the flowers of the month of Falgun,
you will be in the rain of Shravan.


My heart beats for as long as you walk, holding my hand.
No one can separate me from you and you from me.


Rose Queen of the Rose Forest You, I am the king of your delusion.
I worship you in the heart of the temple.


You are my past, you are my present and you are my future.
Let the whole world know that our love is eternal.


The meaning in all the images of Odia love Shayari 2019 given above has been translated into English. The Love Shayari in the image is well-read in Odia. We have scripted all Odia Shayari from Odia to English for your convenience.

We have made it easy for you to express your love in many languages. If we make the world in love. So the world will run after us with love. In Odisha, not only the Odia people live, but also many foreign languages.

We have no difference in language. We love your enjoyment of this Odia love Shayari. If you want to know Shayari in Hindi too, you can learn a lot of Hindi Shayari by visiting our 👉 Hindi Shayari website.

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