Odia Poem on Mother | New Odia Patriotic Kabita for Children

Odia's patriotic poem on mother only shows motherhood love for our Mother (called Maa in our local language). We are Odia people and we love our mother earth so much that the waves of the sea cannot stay without touching the beach.

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Two Odia Short Poem on Mother

We are sharing two poems based on our homeland in this post. Odia Children's Poetry is based on patriotism and you will probably love it. If you like this poem, you can also see all our other poems. We have also added transcriptional lyrics of the two poems on our mother.

1. Konark sings religious songs

Konark sings religious songs
Brahmani sings Baji Rout songs

The soil of Odisha is my mother
Long live my Odissi song
Long live my rice

My golden Odisha of grain and green
Your mind and your language are sweet
Farming gives life and shows the direction of life

Sadhab's son is far away
Villages and forests are my kingdoms
Long live my rain and spring
Long live my mother

Konarka Gauchhi Dharamara Gita 
Bramhani Gauchhi Baji Rout 

Ea Mo Maa Odisha Mati 
Zindabad Mo Odishi Gita 
Jindabad Mo Pakhala Bhata. 

Sashya Samala Mo Suna Odisha 
Mitha Ta Paban Mitha Ta Bhasha 
Chasa Dia Basa Jivana Disha 

Sadhaba Puara Dura Beusa 
Gaan Gahira Raija Mora 
Jindabad Mo Barsha Bashanta 
Jindabad Mo Bou Panata.


2. Matira Kanthare Jhotira Lekha

Jhoti inscription on the wall of the clay
He says he is talking about Oriya culture

Barabati is the head of our hero
Praise be to the martyr

Forestry is our property
Long live my green farm
Long live my Shri Jagannath

Matira Kanthare Jhotira Lekha 
Kahe Se Odia Sanskruti Katha

Barabati Aama Birara Matha 
Gae Sahidanka Gouraba Gatha

Bana Jangal Sampati Aama 
Jindabad Mo Sabuja Kheta
Zindabad Mo Shree Jagannath.


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