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Odia Niti Bani, to come to work in daily life and attract the luxury of one’s mind. With the help of which every task is easily accomplished.

Value Of Nitibani

There is also a lot of improvement by chanting Odia nitibani sloka. In the past, nitibani was highly regarded in Odisha.

So hopefully there are some nitibani to know. Which is suitable in the Oriya language. The people of Odisha are waiting to find out. Today we have brought that nitibani status by odia nitibani SMS.

Fifteen years after the outing,
if your wife suspects you, 
she will think you are still handsome.


Don't drive and see beautiful girls at the same time.
Otherwise, you will become the slave of the king of Yama.


If you truly love someone, never tell them but do it at work.


The girl who lies and the boy who writes poetry are always in love.


Today’s boys can go a long way.
if they focus on their own work, not on the girls.


Ajira nitibani It is natural for the heart to be locked in bliss. We also share odia nitibani images in English.

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