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Odia Jatra Shayari Images are based on the old traditional entertainment platform of Odisha called Jatra. It is very popular and makes everyone happy. It is served in any puja or festival with some different and new surroundings. The best part is that the people of Shayari and the songs have a lot of fun as it touches the hearts of the people.

Odia Jatra Shayari Photo

Odia Yatra Shayari images are just a part of the entertainment. We share photos of many jatra shayari. jatra shayari photo is an easy way to read more shayari in a short time and also share it with others.

Naari kebe nai saje
Kebe puni saje nia,
Kebe saje puni andharara rati
Kebe puni dhuan...


Parbata uapare ghara karithile
Pathara padile sahi,
A nani nua prema karuchhi
Premika ku daki dharama bhai...


Emiti sapana dekhaila mote
Sabu sapanare tumari muhan,
Tumatoo tumaku chori mun karichhi
Tuma mana aau tuma luha...


Bhala mun pauchhi kebal tumaku
Kemiti banchibi kuha,
Sahi parunahin premara jantrana
Mo aakhiru jharuchhi luha...


Bapara nathiba chhinda chapal
Jhia pindhichhi high hill,
Dharithibe gote lamba paruse ku
Debaku nathiba bill...


Odia Jatra Shayari Lyrics

odia jatra shayari lyrics have a lot of fun to hear and read. Standing next to other people and telling the dialogues creates a different kind of fun. OdiaShayari.Online is the only website where you get a chance to download some new images every day.

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