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Hello friends, today we have brought you some new and unique photos of odia new love shayari images. We hope you enjoy the new poetry in 2020.

The odia friendship shayari in it must touch your mind. Because we choose the best shayari out of many shayari and determine with you.

New Odia Love Shayari Image

The destination of our website is to take the world of odia shayari forward without leaving any behind. It can only be successful when you visit our site yourself and see how our poet can buy your mind. 

1 - You gave me wings.

Mana mora thila dena hina pakshi,
tume dela mote dena...
My mind was a wingless bird
You gave me wings.

Bhala pai tume bhuli jiba nahi,
mu hebi baata bana...
You will never forget your love
Because I will forget the way.


2 - Love betrayed from the beginning.

Premaku magili kabita dhadie,
prema deigala pahili dhoka...
When I ask for love, there is a line of poetry
Love betrayed from the beginning.

Phagunaku jebe uttara magili,
dhoka hoigala kabita lekha...
When I asked Falgun for an answer
The writing of the poem was deceived.

Bhala paiba ta khali prema nuhe,
dhokare bi thae banchibara nisha...
Love is not just love
Cheating also has an addiction to survival.

Dehara bhaashare prema bi nathe,
prema kahe khali manara bhaasha...
There is no love in the language of the body
Love speaks only the language of the mind.


3 - You Tell The Truth or You Lie.

Tuma khali hatare jete ranga fagunare nahi
Tume sata kuha ba michha kuha,
kholibini kabata mun, se ranga hebi nahi...

Not as many colors as you would like in your bare hands
You tell the truth or you lie
I will not open the door, it will not be painted


4 - I Will be Guilty.

Kebe kebe bhabuchhi bhuli jaithiba,
Kebe puni bhabuchhi basi,
 tume jadi mo pari mo bata chanhi basithiba,
 mun heijibi doshi...

Sometimes I think, you forgot
Sometimes I think again
If you are looking for my way like me !
I will be guilty.


5 - You Are My Way, I am Your Guide.

Swapna nuhe mu akhire tumara,
mu tumara priya bastaba prema..
Tume priya bata mu je batoi
e janama nuhe sabu janama...

It's not a dream, I'm in your eyes
Dear, I am your true love...
Priya, you are my way, I am your guide
Not in this birth, but in all births...


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