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Love Shayari in Oriya images are very helpful for the lovers. They share all these photos on social media platforms every time. Let there be a change in the world with the admonition to love. But the person who spreads his love through all these poetic images is always connected to us.

Let's talk about how deep today's world lives in the name of love. There is no deception in love. So one can clearly understand the love of the other.

So today we are going to share with you some motivational quotes that we hope will definitely motivate you. If you are interested in all these Shayari quotes images then don't forget to download all our other odia love sayari photos.

1 - Oriya Shayari For Love

Keep your hopes up
That makes it stronger
Put your trust in others
That is a weakness
No one remembers when you were right,
But everyone knows when you're wrong...

Bharasha nija upare rakha,
taha shaktisali hoithae...
Bharasha anya upare rakha,
taha durbalata hoithae...
Aapana kebe think thile
eha kehi mane rakhanti nahi...
Aapana kebe bhul thile
ehaa samaste mana rakhanti...


2 - Odia Love Shayari 2018

Sometimes there is a lot to be said,
But there are no people to listen to.
Sometimes there is a desire to cry in sorrow,
But there is no one to understand grief.

Bele bele bahut kichhi kahiba pain katha thae,
Kintu suniba loka nathanti...
Bele bele manara dukhare kandiba pain ichha hue,
Kintu dukha bujhiba pain kehi nathaanti...


3 - Odia Love Shayari 2019

True love begins with someone
What starts with two people is called luck.

Prakruta prema ta jananka tarafaru
arambha hoithae..
Jaha dui jananka tarafaru arambha hue
taku bhagya kuhanti...


4 - Odia Romantic Shayari

People say keep the money and it will work
But I say trust in God, bad times will not come

Loka kuhanti paisa rakha
kaamare aasiba..
Kintu mu kahuchhi
bhagaban nka upare bharasha rakhantu
kharap samaya hi aasibani...


5 - Odia Dhoka Shayari Photo

Never let your wife cry in life,
Because she has left her parents to see the smile on your face.

Jibanare nija stree ku kebe hele kandantu nahi,
Karana aapananka muhare hasa phutaiba pain,
sie nija bapa maa nku chhadi aasichhanti...


In the city of Odia Love Shayari, we will keep our hearts tied. We will make the world a better place by making the world happier.

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