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The world of Odia Love Shayari is huge. It is very difficult to calculate. Because it's not just about love Shayari. It has a lot of poetic content. Whose limit is infinite. Many poems are presented below.

Oriya Shayari For Love

Whether we love it or hate it, we invest in Shayari in every way. With the exception of Shayari, Shayari can never move forward. Because an author fully understands what it means.

There are many stages such as the odia dhoka Shayari photo and odia romantic Shayari is one of them. Everyone needs to know that these two are completely different. Sad Shayari is a companion only in times of sorrow. Love Shayari is also the only companion of happy times.

I can't believe how you became mine.
You have come to my life as the sun goes down.
You touched me with a melody like the touch of warm sunlight.

There are times when I wish I could change the time,
and get rid of all the misery.
But if I do, happiness will go away.


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You are the identity of my poetry,
you are the identity of the God of my heart.
I can't wait for you for a while.
I can't hide you from the world,
leaving behind my own identity.


The work of sorrow is a strange mockery of the world.
If you have been hurt,
you may feel as if you have been burned.
Not just because of the intense pain.
Rather, your grief can spread over your life.
Like the smoke of a great fire.


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There was a desire in my heart to find you in the world.
When you hurt me,
you always wipe me out of this sight.


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