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Many people like to download and share odia latest love shayari images on many social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. With the help of all these things, be it odia shayari or odia friendship shayari, we show the world how much we love the others.

Below we publish a number of love shayari images that can fulfill your dream. Note that all these shayari images are made by some very famous authors.

Hajare Fulara Saathi Odia Shayari

I am a bee, a companion of thousands of flowers
Where evening comes, I spend my sweet night there

Mun mahumachhi, hajare fulara saathi
E fularu se fulaku, udi bulu bulu...
Jouthi asse sanja ,
Se fulare kate madhurati...


Required of Odia Friendship Shayari

We have made a lot of friends in odia shayari 2019, and all this is growing more and more every year. We never want to ruin the lives of our friends. There is no limit to how beautiful it is to love. We can't measure love so easily. But let's try to intensify our love for odia shayari by 2020.

If a person steps into the world of poetry, he or she will look at it so deeply that you cannot even imagine it yourself.

Mu Emiti Libhila Dipa Odia Love Shayari SMS

I am such a lighted lamp, hiding a little but hiding many sins of my body
I'm such a story, I've told little but hidden many sins on my page.

Mun emiti libhila dipa ,
Luchichhi alapa Lucheichhi mora...
Dehara aneka papa ,
Mu emiti gotie galpa...
Kahichhi alapa lucheichhi mora,
Prustare aneka papa...


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